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Damnoen Saduak floating market

Three more days left for us in this big city! We had to choose what we wanted to see(and what could wait till next time;)) and using our travel agent’s wonderful suggestions we opted to visit the floating market! We knew we would have to arm ourselves in patience in order to get there... google map said it was 1:30 out of town so with traffic who knew how long it would take us to get there... we looked up a few organized tour online but didn’t felt like the kids (and I, if I’m being honest) could handle leaving at 7:30 am only to be back around 8pm...there were different options of course but I was exhausted just thinking about it! So with the help of our hotel staff we booked a van and driver for the day for 1500 Baht about 65$ who would take us to the market, wait for us there and take us back to our hotel! We left around 8 am after the kids grabbed a quick bite at the hotel‘s restaurant while waiting for our van! The drive was extremely long... about 2:30... and Zoey had a bit of motion sickness again for part of the ride, thankfully she rested a bit and then felt much better! Once at our drop off location, we rented a boat to go cruising along the canals leading to the floating market!

I must say that it was a wonderful experience and well worth it but so not my kind of shopping experience... ever since we downsized almost two years ago to fit all our belongings in our RV where we are currently living when we are not travelling, we have been extremely careful with what we buy and what we bring into our little house, so being summoned right and left to buy overpriced souvenirs and such was a bit taxing for me! We knew the asking price was way too high and had to bargain everything we bought...but that seems to be way things are done here! So we’re getting better at it!

Our boat driver was very nice...

We were very hungry when we got there so he brought us to a little place just outside the entrance of the market where we ordered non-spicy noodles for the kids(we have learned by experience that every thai dish is hot but just ask for a milder version for the kids and they will be more then happy to oblige!!) and two different kinds of soup for Jeremie and I! We ordered from our boat and then ate in the boat while we cruised to see a temple!

The temple...the kids now know that their shoes have to come off before we go in!

The floating market...

And of course, we had to try this beauty... coconut ice cream! DELICIOUS!!!

Our driver gave us a speedy drive back to our meeting point. The canals are so narrow that vendors and drivers alike kept reminding the kids to keep their hands inside to boat other wise their fingers would get crushed in between boats but once we got out of the market we throttled full speed ahead... for about one minute!!!

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