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Day 1 in Bangkok

After leaving our RV life behind for the duration of this two months trip last Thursday, we are finally in Bangkok!

I must say how wonderfully surprised I am at how well the plane trip went especially since the kids had been extremely jittery just before we left... I guess the excitement of this great adventure was dawning on them...

Here is a glimpse of our first day!

We arrived at our hotel around 6 in the morning, settled in, took hot baths and showers(with unlimited hot water, RV life really makes you appreciate the small things!) and then headed out for breakfast which the lady at the welcome office offered to add to our hotel charges for free for the duration of our stay!

The people we have met already have been so nice, they have been smiling at us, offering the kids candies and have been so helpful and accommodating, no wonder this country is called the land of thousand smiles!!!

Already the food has been amazing... just the « continental breakfast » alone was so good! It had some kind of green bean curry and poached eggs salad... we love food, we love to eat and we have a feeling we have come to the right place!

I will let a few pictures from our first day do the rest of the talking!

The view from our hotel room window

We went for a quick swim in the morning, but...

The jet lag is REAL... we had to nap!!!!

After hearing how amazing their smoothies were, we finally got to try them for ourselves!!!

Pulled pork anyone???

Let his rosy cheeks and messy bun tell you how nice and hot the weather is!

Like I was saying, we love good food... we had this plate of tenderloin steak, that was way too good to describe for a little over 7$! We could get used to this!

At least with the jet lag, we get to enjoy the night life with the kids being in a great mood! Bonus!!! We spent our first night walking the streets near our hotel, took our first tuk tuk ride, ate a whole lot of street food and smoothies, bought each of us a pair of hippie pants(the real kind now) and listened to some great live music! A great start to a great adventure!!

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