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A day at the beach!

It feels so good to be in Krabi! The pace seems to have settled down a bit, the scenery feels a lot fresher and the house is just huge. Our tiny living situation back home seems pretty far away at the moment!

We made our first trip to the beach yesterday! Getting where we want to go and planning accordingly is easier here. Granted our GRAB driver can actually find our house. For some reason we still do not understand, they manage to drive around in circle for quite a ridiculous amount of time(we can actually see them on the app...) before they decide to surrender to their gps and arrive at our house.

We drove to Ao Nang Beach but our driver seemed concerned about us having a baby so suggested he drop us off at Hat Noppharat Thara beach instead, a few walking minutes away... he kept saying “me take care” to us... he explained or kinda played charade with us trying to have us understand that they’re fewer people at that place and that the water was shallow for quite a distance which made it perfect for families with young kids! And he was right!

We tried to find a spot in the shade but that was almost impossible... we just decided to lay our minimal gear (we had one travel towel which is pretty small I’ll admit for our whole family, a bottle of water, a few changing clothes and our camera!) on the beach and headed straight for the water. It felt so warm and tasted so salty... last year at this time, we had just made it to the Pacific Ocean but the water was so cold that we never even got our bathing suits out of our suitcases!

We played in the water all morning, taking short breaks sitting in the sand searching for seashells and building sandcastles. By the time we convinced the kids to stay out of the water long enough for them to dry up so we could grab a bite it was well passed noon.

We found a beautiful terrace with an amazing view and some very good food which the kids devoured and then wanted more but we managed to get them out of there promising some ice cream.

The walking strip along the beach was pretty touristy with small souvenir shops and little Thai food restaurants mixed with beautiful resorts. We found a rolled ice cream stand managed by a young girl and her mom.

She would place some candies on an ice board and smash them into little pieces adding some kind of cream and milk to the mixture. She would then scrape the whole thing until it froze and then roll it and place it into bowls adding toppings which the kids were more than happy to choose. Of course they added Oreo cookies, marshmallows, sticky candies, sprinkles, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. The end result was delicious so I was told!

Poor Peachy(our baby girl) missed out on the whole ice cream event for she had fallen asleep on my back in the baby carrier... and then...she peed on me while still asleep. So we had no other choice but to head to the beach for our round two of swimming this time at Ao Nang Beach. But that didn’t last very long... the sun was so hot and the beach not as family friendly as the previous one we decided to call it a day and hitch a cab ride back home.

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