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Day 2 in Bangkok

Today was a bit less eventful then yesterday! Whenever we are travelling or even at home we try to have a rest day in between activity days... we started with great intentions of visiting a few nearby temples but the jet lag and intense sunshine(I’m not complaining, just forgot that we might need a few days to adjust from a minus 30 degrees celcius to a plus 30!!) got the best of us and by 1:30 pm we called it a day...went back to our hotel, ordered room service, watched Cheaper by the dozen 2 and took a nap!

We did spend some time in the beautiful infinity pool(my husband owns a pool business so it’s kind of his thing!!), went strolling the streets in search of more smoothies, and tried Durian fruit... but that was it!

Durian fruit, smells nasty and kinda taste the same!!!!

Nap time... and we would have slept the day away if we weren’t so anxious to get over this jet lag and do some more sightseeing before leaving the city next weekend!

Calling it a day and going to bed early tonight!

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