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Flower festival

We woke up yesterday morning with a couple of messages from back home asking us if we were ok, of course we were, why wouldn’t we be??? You see, when travelling, or even at home if I’m being honest, watching or listening to the news is never something on my agenda! Jeremie does a better job at keeping informed, at least on the big events going on around us than I...

I always felt that the media was really good at one thing; sharing the worst scenarios in every country where there is way more good than bad but somehow managing to dramatize everything so that every person stays put just where they are on their little corner of the planet!

Somehow giving into listening to what they have to say, I’m afraid would do the trick suffocating any wanderlust found in me... so for that reason, we had not heard about the shooting that had happened the day before just a few hours away from where we are. As you can see, we are just fine...

On another note, not getting informed on what is going on around us can also have it’s downside. When ordering a GRAB taxi the other day, we found ourselves stuck in a whole lot of traffic because we hadn’t realized that a good portion of the main street had been closed for the flower festival parade... that, of course, we missed. So we checked the events that were going on around us and saw that Chiang Mai held a flower festival every year and that it happened to be this weekend.

So the next day, we went for breakfast at “Butter is always better”(my kind of breakfast place, the name says it all!!!!!) and then took a red truck to the park where the event was held!

It was beautiful! We walked around the park and got to see the many flowers and trees that had entered the competition.

We got to see so many different kinds of orchids...did you know that Thailand is the main exporter of orchids worldwide? Visiting an orchid farm is still on our to-do list, and seeing the many different kinds at the park yesterday has helped build up the anticipation!

It was nice to see a little greenery, for as much as we love Chiang Mai city and it’s accessibility to everything, we are still country people at heart, and if a park with a nice play structure for the kids and a whole lot of flower displays is as close as nature as we will get, we will take it!

The kids had a blast playing on the structure while we watched them running around burning off their excess energy, where do they get that from? I would borrow from them if I could!

They must have played over an hour when we decided we wanted to see the rest of the flower arrangements and maybe find something for lunch!

Food is really not that hard to come by around here, so we stopped at a stand, bought some mochi (Japanese rice cakes), a whole grilled chicken and some noodles that we shared sitting on miniature stools in the center of the aisle of a little market.

We make a little game of calculating how much every meal is costing us, and were pretty proud of ourselves when we found out that our lunch had cost us about 10$! We then had to have chocolate covered strawberries for dessert before heading back home...

In the back of a red truck!!!

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