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Goodbye Krabi!

We arrived in Chiang Mai late last Saturday night after a long day spent at the airport! But that is not after we had said our proper goodbyes to Krabi, this little corner of the globe that has provided us with a little glimpse of heaven on earth and that we have come to love over the past few weeks! We had grand visions of our last night in this paradise like setting! We had not yet admired the beauty of the sunset on this side of earth and had been told it was something worth seeing!

We planned our whole day accordingly... we would all have some downtime during the day making sure everyone would be on their best behaviour for the grand finale of our stay in Krabi! We wanted to find a restaurant, on the beach, facing the sunset to share our last diner and then walk the beach and photograph the going down of the sun!

We found the perfect spot for food... I think a restaurant where you have a hard time pulling your chair to the table and where you just have to take your sandals off because of the sand is just too good to be true! That’s where we had diner!

As we knew the sunset would soon shine in all it’s glory, we quickly asked our waiter to wrap whatever leftover was left as we were anxious to get to the beach on time... but, the kids all had to go to the bathroom! We did manage to get to the beach just before the sun descended behind the beautiful landscapes of rocks and greenery... but Jeremie, sadly, did not get enough time to capture the moment! We were a bit disappointed at first, but then felt like we somehow had managed to save a little piece of this beautiful night just for us!

The kids, who had helped packed our backpack before we left, knew they all had an extra pair of clothes so did not waste a moment keeping dry on the beach and headed straight for the waters! They swam and had the best of times enjoying the receding waters as the high tide made way for the low tide!

After what seemed like hours, they came back to us who had been spectators to their ingenious games! We helped them change into dry clothes and then returned to our previous restaurant to share a few smoothies and drinks!

The restaurant had a live band which made me realize how music is an important part of our family culture! The band played classic American songs from Bob Dylan to John Denver, Johnny Cash to Four non Blondes and more recent songs like Shallow and another one by Jason Mraz... and the kids knew all of them! It is not rare for us, back home or on the road, to end our day with Jeremie taking out his guitar and playing some of our favourite family songs or special requests from the kids!

Being in that place, listening and signing along well-loved songs was such a perfect way to mark the end of our time there! Some of our most precious memories either with family or friends always revolve around music... it was just absolutely fitting! We probably had a few too many sips of our Long Island iced tea and ended staying way later than we should have since we had to catch a flight the next day but it was well worth it!

Up next, Chiang Mai...

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