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Krabi Town night market

After a relaxing day last Sunday, we decided to visit Krabi Town’s night market. Around 5pm we decided to head out, called a GRAB taxi and make our way to the market which is about 20 minutes from our house.

It was a nice enough experience, the smells, the music which made Zoey laugh so hard... there was a stage and a Thai guy who was signing American songs but you could tell he didn’t understand a word he was signing and Zoey, being the music lover that she is, could just not get her head around the idea of popular songs being tortuously sang that way. There were tears of laughter shared which alleviated the whole mood of the evening which, if I’m being honest wasn’t so great.

I guess it’s a sign that we are finally over the jet lag and that the kids are usually in bed by 7:30, but being in town instead, in crowded aisles, trying to shop around for elephant pants and food on a stick on empty stomachs got the kids in a pretty bad mood... and I also, Jeremie dared to tell me once we were back home! He knows when to speak up and when to put things under the rug for a while just so the waters settles a bit! I admit crowded, smelly places where you have to bargain for whatever you want to buy are really not too high on my activity list!

We decided to move away from the crowed market place and find a place where we could sit down, use the toilet as much as needed without having to pay (cause, let’s admit it, this is where we spend most of our time when we are at a restaurant... for some reason, the kids think it’s a very attractive place and they are kind of liking the Thai way of using the washroom with the little sprayer thingy instead of toilet paper...) After a nice full meal we felt like we were in much better spirits and could browse the aisles once more without jumping at each other’s throats... we bought the kids one more pair of elephant pants cause you can never go wrong with loose fitting pants at less than 4$ a pair and a Krabi t-shirt to remember our time here! We also had some ice cream and 10 Baht(not even 50 cents) waffles with Nutella and jam on top and finished the evening with a stroll through the fruits aisles cause we just had to have more pomelos and fresh fruits!

The pomelos...

The ice cream...

At the end of the night, we met with the same taxi driver who had brought us here a few hours earlier. He lives a few houses away from ours and we think he might have been waiting for us to make his way back home. We exchanged phone numbers so we could get a hold of him directly instead of using the GRAB app that way we could save a few bucks on our transportation... every taxi driver we have had so far has asked us what were our plans for the next day. They all want to be our personal drivers... we don’t feel like making this kind of commitment yet ;) we keep telling them that we don’t know... we have to wait and see how the kids are doing before making any plans... but somehow that man seemed nice enough, and his fares seemed reasonable so we might call him up!

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