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Maeklong Railway Market

After spending the morning at the floating market yesterday, we decided to ask our driver if he wouldn’t mind making a quick stop at the famous Maeklong Railway Market which was about 20 minutes away!

I had heard cool things about this market which is located along side a train track that actually passes through sometimes up to 8 times daily. Vendors have to pull down their umbrellas and move their baskets away from the tracks when they hear the train‘s whistle announcing his coming through! We weren’t there long enough to actually witness this exciting event but managed to walk along the train tracks and enjoy the many sights and smells that came with the experience!

Most of the vendors are offering fish products which is their main livelihoods. There were tubs full of live fish, some of them sometimes jumping out of their tubs and onto the tracks while the vendors calmly picked them up and put them back where they belonged then moving their tubs a bit further from the track... there were tons of fish drying on big flat baskets and then being put in plastic bags and sold by weight all of that under big thick umbrellas in a plus 35 degrees Celsius weather so you can imagine the smells!!!

Meat... as Jeremie was saying, these people most have the strongest immune system in the world... eating meat that has been laying in the heat for hours... we did not feel gutsy enough to buy any! But we did buy some spices at Finn’s request.

A small bag of chill powder!

And some amazing fruits!The fruits here are just sooooo good!

The kids were the main attraction as we walked along the tracks, as it has been pretty much everywhere we have been so far! People keep pointing at us, counting how many children we have and then asking if they are all ours... who would have thought that even half way across the globe we would get asked the same question I get asked whenever I go grocery shopping with the kids... I mean, who would steal other people’s kids to bring them grocery shopping???? ;) of course they are all mine, and they are not all girls... two boys, two girls we keep telling people as we see the question mark on their faces... but then they go complimenting their lovely hair... and giving them handful of candies so I guess all is good!

Follow the link below for more information on this cool place:

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