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Nature wreath

I’ve always loved to do crafts with children. I used to work as an early childhood educator for almost a decade before I had my own kids. I ran a home daycare for almost 4 years after that, then decided on homeschooling our own kiddos. So, let’s just say I’m used to spending most of my days with little people who are loud and love making messes...being outnumbered by them and keeping their little hands busy has been how I have been spending most of my days for as long as I can remember or almost...

Since moving into our RV though, I kinda felt that crafting in such a small space was a bit more than my sanity could take! Throwing paint and craft supplies in the midst of living tiny was a bit tricky. Since we’ve been stationary for the past few months, we’ve decided to invest in a small school cabin on wheels where we keep all our school supplies and use as our workshop for our little projects! I could see my creative self slowly coming out again without feeling like I had to take a two hour nap after craft time!

Here’s a beautiful wreath that we‘ve made last week after taking a short walk in nature to gather our supplies. It is simple yet the kids loved contributing to our minimalist Christmas decor. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.





Branches and other nature finds

Simple Christmas decorations

Trace and cut out a circle shape in your cardboard.

Make small incisions all around the outer and inner circle.

Weave the string around your wreath shape making small triangles as you go.

Tie the ends. Insert your nature finds under the weaved string.

Add Christmas decorations as you wish...

Et voila!

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