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Night life

We felt lazy today... I thought we had this jet lag thing out of our system since we had a « normal day » yesterday: up at 7, barely napped in the afternoon and in bed before midnight but today was not the same! For some reason the kids were having a party in their bedroom at 5 in the morning(I guess it had to happen at some point since we crammed them all in the same bed, well actually two twin beds that we keep from separating by using the ironing board that we found in a closet;) )

Jeremie was pretty proud of his invention!!

By 11 am we could barely stay awake, by noon we were back in bed and it took all that we had to get up at 5pm... I felt the urgency of having only a few days left in this big city creeping up on me but I think I had forgotten that when the temperature reaches the high 30 during the day it is inevitable that people catch up in the evening!!! Hurray for us!

So we decided to head out at 8 in search of any kind of food on a stick! And oh did we find some!!!!

And some smoothies...

And some ice cream...

And since we were there, why not take a stroll through the market to see all the stands...

Zoey bought herself a little bag/purse for 120 Baht which equals about 5$!

It ended up being a great end to a slow and lazy day!!! Now, off to bed we go... again!!!

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