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We’ve made it to Krabi

We‘ve made it to our new location! Here is where we will be spending the next few weeks! When we started planning this trip we weren’t too sure of how we were gonna plan our stays... I had seen a lot of families on Instagram(which is pretty much how we wing it when we travel, looking at other families’ activities and choosing the ones that seems to fit us best) just renting AirBnb’s but we weren’t knowledgeable enough of the area and since we also had four kiddos tagging along we decided that going through a travel agent who had been here many times before us was probably the way to go!

Our hotel in Bangkok was a success, being in a prime location, we could walk to an array of different restaurants or little markets or we could take the hotel’s tuk tuk who would drop us off at the corner of the main street and then help us grab a taxi to get us wherever we wanted to go, making sure we weren’t asked ridiculous amounts to get us there!

After taking a domestic flight out of Bangkok yesterday, we find ourselves in Krabi!! We had told our agent we wanted some kind of home base when we were planning on longer stays. We wanted to have space for the kids to enjoy some downtime in between activities! Our budget was, of course, limited with this being a 7 weeks trip. We couldn’t (and didn’t want to) spend exuberant amounts on fancy hotels so after a bit of back and forth our agent managed to find us exactly what we were looking for(Christian, if you are reading this, thank you so much for your patience in dealing with us!!) Welcome to our home...

This place even includes breakfasts... we just have to walk to the main building and sit at the outdoor terrace and they bring you coffee and food! I could get used to this!!!

It was Children’s Day here yesterday... the kids received ninja lego kits from the hotel staff, then small backpacks and cotton candy at the airport... this country really does love kids!

We are enjoying a relaxing day today after spending most of the day yesterday packing, getting to the airport, flying to our current destination and then getting settled in. Jeremie is running a few errands, finding the nearest grocery store using GRAB to get there( some kind of Asian UBER). Our host showed us another app we can use to order food that will be delivered to our door within a few minutes for a very affordable price. We actually tried it last night already since it was too late to start searching for food by the time we got settled... we had spring rolls, Hawaiian pizza, masala chicken with rice and a tuna salad!! We might be going out for a stroll today, or maybe not... for now, just sitting in the sun watching the kids play is good enough for me!

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